Olympics Can Prove Beneficial to Us ‘Up North’!

Just because the Olympics are hosted down south in our capital, does not mean it’s all bad news for local business’ in Yorkshire and the north of England. The whole of the UK’s business can benefit from the first Olympic games held in England since 1948.

Whilst most of the major contracts for the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been awarded there are still many others for ‘peripheral’ services which can be obtained.

There are already 13 International Teams and 6 GB teams who are basing themselves in Yorkshire during the games period. These teams will want many products and services while they are here. This is NOT “darn sarth” but right here in Yorkshire so, with an estimated spend of £3M, it’s time to get into action and see just how much of it you can get.

In addition there is the torch relay and whilst it is passing through the area at many points it is also spending several nights in regional locations. Obviously these people will also need many different types of goods and services, can you supply any?

While passing through you have your opportunity to supply your goods and services to all that are following and the publicity given to your business. Amongst the 78 places being visited around Yorkshire and the Humber there will be overnight stays in;

- Hull 18 June
- York 19 June
- Leeds 24 June
- Sheffield 25 June
- Cleethorpes 26 June

To see a full list of Olympic stop overs see http://www.yorkshire.com/olympics/torch-relay-map

To obtain details of what is available and how you can tender for work you need to log on to the various web sites and see what you can do. The main site for all major contracts is ‘competefor’ and alows you to register interest in supplying services. However, locally this work is being managed by Yorkshire Gold Business Club and their contact is http://www.ygbc.co.uk. Finally London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) also have a web site.

Now is the time for you to get on to those web sites and get yourself a slice of the action. “If we do nowt we’ll get nowt” so don’t lose an opportunity to get some contracts for yourselves. Who knows, a little work now and getting a good reputation from the right people could lead to lots more work in the future!